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Listing 262

GREAT PYRENEES Pups. Best Dogs Around... Kept a Bear From Coming in OUR HOUSE TOO!!!

Price:             $650

This Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD) stands out from the rest.  It is by far the most popular breed for families and farms alike.  Their superior temperaments make them suitable for a multitude of situations from small to large acreage, livestock or people.  They love their humans as much as any animal they are asked to bond to.  So if you don’t plan on having animals and just want a great companion, guard dog the Pyrenees remains supremely suitable.  We have not found a job they cannot handle out here in the rugged mountains of southern Colorado.

We live at 9000 ft and have hundreds of acres they must roam at different times depending on what our free range goat herd is doing.  While they have handled that duty with utmost professionalism- aka- ALL of our goats have returned home unscathed from mountain lion, bear, coyote territory- we find that our Pyres are happiest when THEIR goats stay close to home in our 70 acres. 

These dogs have changed our lives when it comes to livestock losses and wild animals approaching our home area.  We no longer lose our animals, and we feel the security these gentle giants provide for our children.  They can play outside knowing their canine companions have a watchful eye on the perimeter in every direction.  We as parents can breathe a little easier too. 

The Great Pyrenees is capable of bonding with multiple species- humans included.  If you want them solely for livestock purposes you must be careful of how much time you spend with them.  You have to train them to what you want them to do. 

We don’t let our livestock dogs in the house.  We feed them with the livestock and give them their rewards and praises while they are among the other animals.  We do not reward, pet, or praise them if they are not with their livestock.  We make a clear delineation between what is acceptable and what is not.  With this clarity we have been rewarded with very loving dogs that know their job is with their livestock. 

Life without the Pyrenees was definitely much more stressful for us mountain folk.  Even now our neighbors must sustain losses as we gratefully know it could have been us if it weren’t for these dogs. 

They are not heavy eaters.  They do not require long hours of grooming.  They willingly allow themselves to be directed to their jobs rather than their human family.  Once they know their jobs they LOVE them, and they are dedicated workers. 

We are blessed to know this LGD breed and we enjoy the opportunity to provide these service companions for your family as you venture into life in the great outdoors, the Rocky Mountains of Colorado! 

We choose to feed a diet of raw milk, kefir, eggs, and meat using kibble only as a filler.   Because of the service these dogs provide we work to maintain the highest standards of care that we are capable of.

We work to provide Holistic Veterinary Care to our pack as well. 

Hopefully we can take this Gentle Giant Journey with you!  All of our dogs are working, HAPPY, healthy dogs.  We owe them a great debt and do our best to serve them. 

Thank God for these dogs!

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